USA: Express Mart Picks Paytronix’s Around the Clock Rewards

Express Mart, a family owned and operated business created by Petr-All Petroleum Consulting Corp., has chosen Paytronix-powered loyalty program, Around the Clock Rewards, for its Convenience Stores.


Guests are empowered to join in store or via its mobile app or program website, by the Around the Clock Rewards.

Andrea Waldman, project manager at Petr-All Petroleum/Express Mart Convenience Stores, said “Ultimately Express Mart wants to get to know and serve its customers better, and that’s why we turned to Paytronix for our loyalty program. We do a lot of things that aren’t typical to our industry, so we needed a loyalty program to match our brand, not your average loyalty. With Paytronix, we have tailored the brand experience to individual customer preferences and buying habits in a way that’s meaningful to members.”

One of the challenges industry wide is, moving fuel customers inside to the convenience store. Information is delivered to Express Mart by the Paytronix platform that they have never had before. Express Mart is enabled to deliver highly-relevant offers motivating guests to make in-store purchases by this new way of looking at customer data. Manufacturers have also been provided with new opportunities, to target relevant, sales-driving offers directly to the customer.

“In this launch period, Express Mart is focused on enrollment and registration, but we can already see our loyalty data by store. Paytronix brings us a new way of looking at things by enabling us to visualize enrollment, registration and member purchasing behaviors,” said Ally McConaughy, loyalty & events manager for Petr-All Petroleum/Express Mart.

“Express Mart’s loyalty launch is bringing its customers new ways to engage with the brand, and to earn rewards for their loyalty,” said Michelle Tempesta, head of product for Paytronix. “Express Mart benefits from today’s innovative features to segment users and create more profitable promotions. Moving forward, the platform ensures it will have the technology needed for convenience stores in the future – from mobile ordering to delivery, payment, and more.” PWKD08032018

Last modified onThursday, 08 March 2018 01:07
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