USA: Gilbarco Focusses On Automation Development At Orpak

A leading solution and service provider for fuel retail network and commercial fleets, Orpak Systems is part of the GVR group as of last summer.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root, consequent to the acquisition, will concentrate its global automation development business at Orpak. DOMS – GVR’s fuel retail automation business – is now part of the Orpak center of excellence, and the joint solution will become GVR’s unified global automation solution, as part of this strategic decision to combine resources under one business unit.

Tom Hvid, Engineering Manager at DOMS, "For many years, DOMS has provided its customers with its highly robust PSS 5000 controller. Now, with the new CPB539 it can host Orpak’s LIGO and other applications as well, connect to cloud services, and offer improved remote access. We are happy to bring the strong DOMS brand to Orpak and to contribute to the global automation group with our knowledge and expertise.”

With its highly successful PSS 5000 installed at more than 80,000 sites in over 75 countries around the world, the DOMS group is a leading global provider of retail fuel controllers for fuel service stations. Based on the CBP539 platform, DOMS released its newest upgrade of the PSS Controller, which is bundled with Orpak’s retail fuel site management software, LIGO that provides a full Back Office (BOS), a fuel Point-of-Sale (POS) functionality, as well as a reporting system and a fuel site management portal. For fuel service stations without C-Stores, the powerful combination of PSS 5000, LIGO, and Orpak’s flexible retail fuel terminal product line provides a full end-to-end management solution.

“Gilbarco Veeder-Root remains fully committed to continue supporting its customers, POS partners and system integrators all around the world. PSS 5000 business model as POS-agnostic controller will remain, providing fuel companies the IT & equipment the flexibility they need” said Morten Raaby, Insite360 & DOMS Director, Gilbarco Europe. “We are very pleased with the release of the new PSS controller that will allow connecting the station to WSM (Wet Stock Management) and other cloud services, creating more value to our customers.”

“Having made this significant step, Gilbarco brings its global automation business under one platform. We can offer great opportunities and solution upgrades for existing and future customers with the LIGO retail station management software and other added value modules, such as the Retail Head Office (RHO) and Wet Stock Management (WSM), to the already deployed DOMS PSS 5000,” said Gil Himelman, VP Business Development at Orpak Systems. PWKD11042018

Last modified onWednesday, 11 April 2018 00:01
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