Tatsuno Corporation to Exhibit at Kuala Lumpur Expo in June

Tatsuno Corporation to Exhibit at Kuala Lumpur Expo in June

Tatsuno Corporation has confirmed its Stands for the Asia Fuel Retail & Distribution Supporting Expo in Kuala Lumpur on 26th -27th June 2018.

TATSUNO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of petrol dispensing pumps and fuel retail solutions SINCE 1911. Designed to always be one step ahead, and made with world-class Japanese precision, all products undergo extensive testing to ensure that they retain their top quality over extended periods of time. Comprehensive quality control for all products is also secured through highly trained and skilled maintenance and service personnel.

 Tatsuno Corp One Stop Solution Provider is one of the key international “One Stop Solution” providers for fuel service stations and fuel handling depots.

Based on Tatsuno's fuel oil metering and measurement technology, the company engages in the manufacture and sale of a wide range of fuel supply equipment for fuel service stations (both retail and commercial), fuel depot terminals, as well as OA equipment for SS business operations.
Tatsuno’s wealth of expertise and knowledge accumulated over the years has given the company an important edge in the design and construction of storage facilities and equipment for handling hazardous materials. It has also earned the company a high level of trust with their clients around the world.
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