Germany: Implico’s OpenTAS Certified

Germany: Implico’s OpenTAS Certified

The certification of Implico’s OpenTAS terminal management system for usage with the new EMCS Release 2.3 has become mandatory starting November 2018. The ideal prerequisites for migrating customer systems has been created by the software and consulting company.

Whenever goods are transported within the EU without applying excise duty, the electronic EMCS (Excise Movement and Control System) is used. Beginning November this year, registration and processing must be carried out via EMCS 2.3. After the downstream experts at Implico successfully adapted the software to meet the latest requirements, Implico’s OpenTAS terminal management system has now been certified for use with the new EMCS release.

Since Implico had successfully completed the certification process, with a fully integrated customs clearance tool, Implico Group's logistics solution will continue to help tank terminals and refineries automate their shipping processes.

All customer systems will be migrated to EMCS 2.3 by Implico in due time. To ensure that these are well prepared when the predecessor version can no longer be used, Implico will therefore immediately start adapting the software in all refineries and tank terminals that want to continue using fully integrating customs clearance. PWKD03052018

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