Talking Artificial Intelligence in Retail Petroleum

Talking Artificial Intelligence in Retail Petroleum

Russell Dupuy of EMS teamed up with Michael Martens of Aicone to talk about digital transformation in retail petroleum at the Fuel Expo Kuala Lumpur organized by PetrolWorld (

The high-level presentation touched on the application of Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep learning converged with Cloud-IoT technologies with a focus on Retail Maintenance and Fuel Pricing examples.

The conversation opened with how the Artificial Intelligence ‘Twin’ complements – not competes with humans to perform complex routines that often involve computational logic across significant volumes of data – in real time. A task – no human could achieve.

Curiously, Artificial Intelligence is not so new, as the 2014 film ‘Imagination Game’ recounted the genius of Alan Turnings machine ‘Bombe’ that deciphered the daily cypher codes of the Enigma machine. An excellent example of how machines can assist humans, even when the human is a genius.

With the advent of IoT, many petroleum retailers are looking to digitally connect the many hundreds or thousands of Dispenser and Automatic Tank Gauges to the Cloud through IoT that will drive transformation in hose management, logistics and retail maintenance for the benefit of consumer satisfaction, site uptime and improved bottom line performance. PWKD06072018

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