USA: Tanknology Inc. Marks 30 Years

USA: Tanknology Inc. Marks 30 Years

By launching a commemorative web page and a new 30-year logo, Tanknology Inc. recently began its celebration of 30 years in business.

Tanknology's 1988 formation and subsequent growth into the world's largest provider of environmental compliance testing and inspection services are detailed in the anniversary web page. Throughout the year, the 30-year logo will be on display.

When the first nationwide EPA regulations governing underground fuel storage tanks were developed, the same year a company was created to help fuel companies and small independent fuel service station operators come to grips with what was required in the new law — and help them through the testing and upgrade programs necessary to bring their facilities into compliance.

Tanknology was formed in 1988, with a mission to “Serve the evolving needs of fuel storage tank owners by providing the broadest range of testing, inspection and compliance management.”

With tank operators facing a second major set of federal regulations from the EPA – with compliance deadlines beginning just a few months from now, Tanknology's original mission to “serve the evolving needs of fuel storage tank owners” has never been more important than it is at the moment.

Requirements for secondary containment on new and replaced fuel tanks and piping; approved operator training at facilities; periodic operational inspections and maintenance; and ensuring tank system compatibility before storing certain biofuel blends, include the new regulations.

Allen Porter, Tanknology's President and CEO, said “We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly develop solutions for the evolving regulatory needs of our clients. This new round of federal regulations is no exception. As examples, we developed enhanced testing systems for spill buckets, efficient processes for sump testing, periodic inspection programs for tank sites, and compliance programs to help operators with the previously deferred tank sites such as emergency generators, all bring their systems into compliance with the new laws.”

Nearly 30 unique services are provided by Tanknology, which are focused on helping tank owners remain in compliance with myriads of federal, state and local regulations throughout the U.S. and in countries around the world.

Porter concluded that they are pleased to be in a position to help so many companies with their regulatory compliance programs. Porter said, “many of them we have served throughout our 30-year history. As regulations continue to change and evolve, we plan to be right alongside these clients, developing technological solutions and services to help keep them in compliance.” PWKD09072018

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