IFSF Partners With Conexxus To Launch Data Dictionary

The aim is to raise the level of communication standards for all interfaces in Retail fuel and convenience store applications

With the intention to standardize the definition, name, type and format of data elements and objects used in programming the technology used on retail service stations and convenience stores around the world, the International Forecourt Standards Forum (IFSF), has teamed up with Conexxus, to create a Data Dictionary. A joint strategy to adopt RESTful Web Service as a means of vastly improving the applicability and value of standards created by both organizations, constitute part of this development.

“Challenges arise when standards and applications are created using different terminology, currency codes, dates and times, from region to region. The resulting differences and potential confusion can result in time delays and unintended misunderstandings in different territories and by different users. The differences between Europe and elsewhere can be quickly demonstrated. In Europe, the term petrol pump is used, although in IFSF standards, for technical reasons, it is referred to as a fueling point. In the US it is usually called a fuel dispenser,” said John Carrier, IFSF projects manager.

In order to raise the level of communication standards for all interfaces in Retail fuel and convenience store applications, a single, easy and instant reference is provided by the creation of the Data Dictionary. With all submissions jointly curated by IFSF and Conexxus, the public will be allowed to enter elements and objects into the dictionary, and entries only adopted by their representatives.

The definition, name, type and format used throughout the entire Fuel and C-Store ecosystem is standardized by the Data Dictionary. Used Globally, Currency, Country, Language, and Units of measurement codes use the ISO Standards, while the W3C World-Wide Web format is used for Date and time. PWKD12092018

Last modified onWednesday, 12 September 2018 08:47
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