Editors Note: Super Typhoon Mankhut & Hurricane Florence

Editors Note: Super Typhoon Mankhut & Hurricane Florence

Our thoughts are with those facing the current extreme weather conditions in the Philippines, Taiwan in Asia and North & South Carolina in the USA.

This year around the globe has witnessed extreme weather conditions.  From the European heatwaves of the summer to the recent Japanese Typhoon and flooding in Kerala, which affected our own PW operations.  The team in Kerala who support our news services and look after our Asia event website were out of action for a couple of weeks but now getting back to normal.  It also explains a delay in our announcement for the Phillippines 2019 event which will now be made at the end of the month.  This PW Premium Newsletter published today, highlights some current and recent news stories only published by the  PW Global Daily News Service.

David Egan



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