Ireland: Petro Systems Management Upgrades To KPS Conductive Plastic Piping

Ireland: Petro Systems Management  Upgrades To KPS Conductive Plastic Piping

From using steel pipework in installations, Petro Systems Management (PSM) has upgraded to using KPS conductive plastic piping.

This enables simple, fast, long lasting installations, especially when used in conjunction with Fibrelite tank sumps and seal kits. PSM had traditionally installed fuel station sites with steel pipe in Ireland. PSM wanted to move towards using plastic conductive pipe for forthcoming installations, with an eye on the future, and to help their installation team making the switch from the old, heavy, labor intensive, traditional method of working with steel pipes.

Having already used OPW gauges and being familiar with the OPW team and the quality of OPW products, so when upgrading to plastic pipe (the now industry standard), PSM chose KPS. The OPW team were on hand to offer expert onsite installation training and guidance for all the OPW products used including KPS pipes and Fibrelite sumps, when the first site was under construction.

KPS piping proved to be the perfect solution for PSM. Petro Systems Management Ltd are headquarted in Cork and cover the island of Ireland, when it comes to equipment supply, installation and maintenance. Recent projects include Top Oil  brand fuel network, commercial fuel dispensers at Jones OIl and large fuel service station project for local fuel brand Amber. PWKD05102018

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